Course Objectives

DreamZone offer professional certification course in Jewelry design and making that empowers aspirants to independently conceptualize designs and give life to them. Taking up this certification is an added advantage for those who like to excel this highly creative field. The courseware includes techniques on jewelry design, illustration and jewelry making. This lets aspirants to create their own range of jewelry styles and launch them in the market.


Our courseware is put together by industry experts to help aspirants understand the different styles of jewelry in the market, how to create new jewelry designs, and make them. They also learn drafting, design theory, shading, how to illustrate form and shape using several mediums, and more. They also learn about various materials and their properties to develop real aesthetics of designing ornaments.

Career Options

DreamZone is widely recognized by the jewlery industry which gives our aspirants the added edge to accelerate through their career path.